MAZDA Timeline of the Rotary Engine

  This compact, light but powerful engine has proven to ideally suited to the high-stress environment of track and road racing.


MAZDA Timeline

The distinctive note of the Mazda rotary engine has been heard along pitlanes as far afield as Daytona, Nurburgring and Mount Panorama.

 This compact, light but powerful engine has proven to ideally suited to the high-stress environment of track and road racing.
However, Mazda has also tasted success with other models, with its 4WD 323 winning the Australian Rally Championship in the late 1980s.
Targa Tasmania 2002
Mazda’s rotary engine technology was again in the spotlight with an RX-7 SP tackling the gruelling Targa Tasmania 2002 rally.
The RX-7 SP, which competed in Targa with exotic cars from around the world including the latest generation Porsche turbos, was the same car that won the 1995 Eastern Creek 12 Hour production car race.

MAZDA Timeline


New 929models released. 12 hour endurance race moved to Eastern Creek and RX-7 again wins, beating Porsche.

MAZDA Timeline


Eunos 800 with unique Miller Cycle engine, new 323 range including Astina Hatch and Hardtop and Protegé released. RX-7 again beats Porsche in 12 Hour race at Bathurst.

MAZDA Timeline


RX-7 wins 12 hour endurance race at Bathurst beating arch-rival Porsche. MPV “people mover” with 3.0 litre V6 engine, and facelifted MX-5 with 1.8 litre engine released.

MAZDA Timeline


New twin turbo RX7 released and wins 12 hour endurance race at Bathurst. V6 626 Sedan added to the range. Eunos division and stand alone dealer network launched and offers Eunos 500 and 30X models. 500 is 2.0 litre V6 Sedan and 30X 1.8 litre V6 sports coupe. Jack High recommences and is telecast on national Nine Network. 250,000th MX-5 built.

MAZDA Timeline


New 121 series Hatchback, B2600 series utilities and pick-up, 929 3 litre V6 Sedan and Hardtop, 626 and MX-6 Turbo Coupe and RX-7 Convertible released. Mazda Australia begins component export programme with shipment of Ballarat-made Timken bearings to Japan.

MAZDA Timeline


The new RX-7 rotary.




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